What are the best ways to promote your mobile app?

What are the best ways to promote your mobile app?

For Q3 2019, Android users are able to choose between 2.6 million apps. In comparison, Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with almost 2 million apps.

That’s a lot of mobile apps! We know. πŸ˜…

Therefore, if you think you’ll get download with no effort, please reconsider your strategy. Actually, the best you can do is having a user acquisition plan before your launch.

In order to help you promote your app, we want to tell you the best practices.

1) Build a great app

great mobile app

First, It can sound obvious, but you need to build a high-quality mobile app.

It could be done by making your mobile app bug-free. Test all possible devices and different scenarios. Does the app crash? Does the phone get hot? Does the battery decrease fast while using your app? Does it use a lot of data or bandwidth?

Next, we recommend you do a beta test before launching with a few beta testers. They will be able to identify bugs and crashes and report them to you. So you can fix it before releasing your mobile app on the app stores.

Also keep your app size as small as possible. If it is too large, users with small memory space may fail to download and install your app.

2) App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the SEO for mobile apps. It’s crucial to optimize your App Store Pages. Here is what you need to do:

    1. App title: Is it unique? Does it reflect your app core function or value? Is it easy to remember?
    2. Keywords: Add relevant keywords in the App title and Description. You can find the best keywords with Sensor Tower or App Radar. Focus specifically on low competition and high traffic keywords.
    3. Amazing icon:  Your icon is often the first impression the users have of your mobile app. So take your time to design a stunning app icon. You can even test it before launching your app on the app stores. Just advertise on Facebook and see how users react to different versions.
    4. Amazing screenshots: Create a video highlighting the best features of your app. According to Storemaven, an app video can increase install rates by more than 25%. And as for your app’s screenshots, they are the stronger visual elements to draw the user to download your app. But don’t worry. No need to be a UI designer expert to design beautiful app screenshots. At Vuzers we have you covered. With our Preview Builder, you can easily design your screenshots in seconds.
    5. Description: Writing a compelling description is essential. That will help you get more app installs and will boost your rankings. Tell potential customers what the app can do for them. What problem does it solve? And why did you do it?
    6. Rankings: Do you have enough reviews? Social proof is a key element here. When people see 5-star ratings and good reviews, they will feel reassured and will be more inclined to download your app. Vuzers has 3 tools that help you boost your ratings: Power User to identify your fans. Satisfaction Meter to measure your user satisfaction and Feedback Survey to collect in-app feedback. With those 3 tools, you will be able to target the users who really love your app and ask them to rate your app on the app stores.
    7. Localize your app: If you are targeting a global audience, localizing your app is mandatory. Localize your app name and update your App Store metadata, such as your app description, keywords, and screenshots. If you don’t know in which language you should translate your app, just look at your analytics and check your app units by territory.

As a quick reminder, we designed an infographic for you.

infographics with aso tips from vuzers

3) Search Ads

Apple introduced Search Ads with the launch of iOS 10, which is basically a paid per install advertising system. It’s certainly one of the best way for developers to get discovered on the App Store by being featured on top of the results when users search for different apps and keywords. App makers can target potential customers by keyword, device type, location, schedules and more.

In a recent report, Apple stated that 70% of App Store visitors use search to find apps and that Search Ads are responsible for an impressive average mobile user conversion rate of 50%.

4) Landing page

When releasing a new app, you should think of various user acquisition channels to promote your app.

A beautifully designed landing page linking to your app store pages can be a powerful way to market your app. Besides, make sure your landing page layout is responsive, so people could easily explore your website on their mobile.

No need of hiring a web developer to build your landing page. Our Landing Builder tool is a no-brainer.

landing builder ios and android developers tool
Our Landing Builder tool creates and hosts a responsive landing page for anyone who needs to quickly launch and promote their app on the web. Choose between appealing templates, customize it, host it and you’re done.

5) Social Media

Building Social Media presence can be time-consuming. So the key is to limit your presence to a few channels for your niche.

Create accounts and start following people within your target audience and industry. Mix your content. Use video, post pictures, infographics, illustrations, GIFs etc.

For example, Uber’s Instagram account is full of lifestyle and beautiful pictures emphasizing on their user experience.

On top of that, you can also purchase Social Media ads. Facebook and Instagram are the top advertisement platforms for mobile apps.

6) Public Relations


One more technique is to spread the word about your new app with a press release and get coverage in media such as magazines, blogs, newspapers, radio and TV. A well executed public relations campaign is one of the most effective ways to promote your mobile app. Create a press kit, compose a media list, write a good pitch, get in touch, follow up. You can either launch a PR campaign yourself or hire a PR agency.

Above all, tell your story to the world. Why did you build your app? What is your vision? What do you try to achieve? It will help you get early adopters and your first app installs.

7) Influencer marketing

Source: Sprout Social

Influencer marketing is the process by which you promote your app through well-known experts, professionals, celebrities who – you guessed it – influence their target markets.

Indeed, influencers can have a big impact on their followers because first, their audience likes them and second they trust them.

Don’t think you have to hire Kim Kardashian to promote your app. You can hire micro-influencers with 10k followers, for example, who have a very high engagement with their fan-bases.

You can find influencers using Buzzsumo.

8) Cost Per Installs Campaigns (CPI)


You can purchase a large amount of installs for a short period of time to boost your App’s ranking on the App Store and Google Play. It will help you get organic downloads.

But how can you achieve that? How to be #1 app in a country?

There are two models: the incentivized ad model and the non-incentivized one.

The incentivized ad model (or sponsored or rewarded) rewards a user in exchange for completing an action β€” such as installing an app, watching a video ad, etc. The reward is typically a game item, virtual currency or an upgrade or a discount.

The non–incentivized ad model advertises the app without the exchange of a reward, resulting in a higher quality traffic.

The Cost Per Installs Campaigns strategy is generally used by mobile game companies such as Ketchapp or Voodoo to rank their games. They use a mix of both incentivized and non-incentivized models.

Note that you need a significant ad budget to get to the top depending on your target countries.


As you can see, a lot of different channels exist to promote your app.

Sky is the limit! πŸš€

Spend time understanding who really loves your app and why. Quality app users are the key to get downloads and retention. Indeed, it’s your fans who will spread the word about your app. Then, it’s focusing on them that will bring you organic traffic.

Remember that once you understand your audience, you will be able to choose the perfect channels.

And you? What is your favorite channel to promote your mobile app?


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