Reimagine Time Management for Mobile Makers. Introducing Vuzers.

Reimagine Time Management for Mobile Makers. Introducing Vuzers.

Without any doubts, time is our most valuable resource. I like Harvey Mackay’s quote: “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.” In other words, time is precious and you should use it in a wise manner.

Time is precious and you should use it in a wise manner.

As a Mobile App Maker I started to wonder how I was spending my time. What were the regular tasks I needed to achieve to reach my goals?

What I have found is that there are a lot of repetitive tasks that need to be done in order to build an app your users love.

Let’s review a few of those core tasks:

  • defining product roadmap
  • managing the product feature backlog
  • designing wireframes and mockups
  • designing marketing assets for the App Store and Google Play
  • designing the app
  • collecting feedback
  • monitoring reviews
  • interviewing users and customers
  • analyzing datas
  • building the app
  • managing support

That’s impressive. 😅

As a Mobile Maker: founder-developer, product manager, ux designer, you may actually end up playing one of multiple roles on any given day. You wear multiple hats and do things that no one else wants to do.

That’s the reason why Mobile Makers are faced with a constant struggle to manage their time effectively.

Why Vuzers?

When we first started working on Vuzers, our goal was to help Mobile Makers collect and analyze user feedback with ease. Indeed, collecting feedback is a hard job. Some use social networks, emailing, build their own in-house solution to gather feedback, but all those solutions are really time consuming and/or resource intensive.

After a period of beta test and a lot of discussions with mobile app makers, we discovered that it was not only collecting feedback that takes time but a lot of different tasks.

Designing screenshots for example for the App Store and Google Play in all resolutions can be laborious. Monitoring reviews or measuring your user satisfaction too.

Some Mobile Makers do everything themselves, others use a lot of different tools for each of those tasks.

Here is the problem, in the first scenario, you spend a lot of time and effort doing everything yourself and in the second scenario you spend a lot of money if you want a set of tools that covers your needs.

Mobile Makers spend a lot of time and effort doing everything themselves or spend a lot of money in many separate tools.

The solution: A toolkit for Mobile Makers.

So we started a tool to collect in-app feedback. And then we heard of Launchkit.

Launchkit was a fantastic suite of useful tools for mobile app creators, made by a brilliant team: Brenden Mulligan and Taylor Hughes. Then, as often with a great team and a great product, the inevitable happened. They have been acquired by Google and Launchkit has been discontinued.

However, the team open-sourced the code.

At Vuzers, it made sense for us to take Launchkit’s code over and add it to our existing tools, even if it was a tough job. The code is almost 3 years old. And 3 years in programming it’s an eternity. The framework used is not supported anymore. Web architecture has evolved. But it didn’t stop us.

It’s how Vuzers is born. Our vision is to build an efficient suite of tools for mobile app makers so they can focus on building an app their users love and not on executing repetitive tasks.

So now we have 6 tools to our portfolio:

  • Preview builder
  • Landing builder
  • Review tracker
  • Feedback survey
  • Satisfaction meter
  • Power user tracker

Let’s have a quick look at our tools:

Preview Builder

We want anyone, designer or not, to design beautiful App Store and Google Play preview images from app screenshots.

It’s what Preview Builder is about. It’s a simple tool that helps you create preview images for your App Store or Google Play pages in minutes and export them in all resolutions.

Landing Builder

Landing Builder tool creates and hosts a responsive landing page for anyone who needs to quickly launch and promote their app on the web.

No need to be a designer. Choose between appealing templates, customize it, host it and you’re done.

Our landing pages are optimized for web and mobile. If an iPhone user visits your website, we only show them the link for iOS. The same is true for Android users.

Review tracker

When you launch and manage a Mobile app, user reviews is definitely the most important stepping stones to success. But tracking all reviews manually, checking the App Store Connect and Google Play Console daily, and communicating them to your team is a hard job.

Review tracker is a no brainer tool. It tracks all your reviews and post them into a Slack channel. Making it easy for everyone to see reviews makes your whole team feels more concern about what you’re trying to achieve.

With this little tool, you also receive an email alert and convert your best reviews into shareable pages.

Satisfaction Meter

Measure your user satisfaction with emojis inside your app. How? By polling your users at the right time at the right place. Customize the poll to fit your app and place it at key moments in order to identify your users’ pain points.

There is no better place than your app itself to ask your users about their opinions. Share results with your team and use them to reduce churn and improve retention.

Feedback Survey

Build your own surveys using an easy editor to better understand your users.

Feedback Survey helps you collect valuable in-app feedback in real-time to take data driven decisions and improve the experience of your app. Target questions to specific users anywhere on your app.

Power User Tracker

What is your ideal user? How many sessions per week does he use your app? For how long time? Set those data with Power User Tracker and track how many fan users you have.

Install our lightweight SDK and you’re ready to go. You can also target specific surveys to your Power Users.


Vuzers suite of tools will make it easier for you to integrate with your favorite tools: Google Analytics, Salesforce, Intercom, Trello, Mailchimp, Asana, Zapier, Slack, Segment and much more.

Getting Started 🚀

Whew! That was a lot. We hope this epic blog post gave you all the information you need to get started with Vuzers’ toolkit.

We hope that Launchkit former users will find Vuzers useful.

And now we’re thrilled to announce that Vuzers is granting early access.

Stay in touch.

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